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Our proposal is elegance, a moment cherished and remembered for generations.  We create the concept based on how you imagine that special celebration,


With our creativity and your vision, we create a stimulant to keep every guest’s eyes glued to the enchanting decorations. And by the time our cutlery starts silver shining, our high-caliber stewards and chefs are signaled to open a buffet of premium food and beverage selections... Stimulating hors d'oeuvre, mouth-watering entrée, tempting cakes and sweets, and lavishing cocktails and beverages.

Elegance at its Excellence

services and package

Bridal Attire Consultation

Invitation Cards

Hairdressing & Makeup  Artists


Wedding Theme

Venue Selection

Interior Decoration

Floral Design

Personalized Tableware & Accessories

Wedding Day Management

Event Production

Music & Entertainment


Guest List Management

Photography & Videography

It is no secret that a wedding day stands among the most important occasion a couple can experience in their lifetime; for such, Our Team is dedicated to plan personalized weddings that reflects the bride’s personality and signature.


We highly cherish the great honor and responsibility that comes along with every wedding we plan; We work closely with the bride and her family to ensure that even the finest details are being handled and carried out as the bride’s request and ultimately expressing her personal style.

Gold Package

Encompasses all our mentioned services.

Silver Package

The Bridal attire consultation with the hairdressing and Make-up.

The design & printing of the invitation cards.

Catering: providing a full fledge menu with dessert and wedding cakes.

My Package

This is a personalized package just for you, that includes any of the mentioned services.

We shall assist you in finding the right gown for this special occasion by Determining which type of dress suits you perfectly, select the fabric and

design by emphasizing what you like and express your personality through it.


Our services for this category encompass:

1. Determining your request by filling a short questionnaire.

2. Discuss and advise what suits you best.

3. Identifying the Bridal Ateliers and or Boutiques to visit.

4. Scheduling appointments.

5. Assist you in choosing the “One & Only One Dress” for you.

6. Manage the required follow-up.

Wedding dress

“A Wedding Dress is both an intimate & personal for a woman

It must reflect the personality and style of the bride”

- Carrolina Herrera

Based on your wishful wedding theme, we shall create the whole ambiance, use matching colors and build a design that brings your fantasy to reality.


Our services for this category include:

1. Determining your wishful wedding theme, preferred colors to be used, etc…

2. Discuss and present the wedding theme and designs.

3. Manage the preparation of all details.

4. Personalize and provide all  material through different suppliers.

5. Identify suppliers, Order & follow-up all design production & furniture.

6. Provide sample tableware, cutlery, and table accessories and order the required.

6. Handle all follow-up and update you accordingly.

7. Liaise with Venue Management and supervise final preparations.

wedding theme

corporate function


Professionalism and

Business with a twist

We set up the business atmosphere the way that pleases you.

Conservatively or modern in style, we ensure detailed attention, from furniture, to your logo embossed to perfection, down to the equipment that will make your company maintain the high profile state. We offer you our dedicated staff to serve your elite ala carte selection.

Private Party


Your Party … a time for

fun & celebration …

Individuality is our asset. We create every occasion suitable to your requirements, while keeping our trademark of elegance in style. We make sure that we create a chic yet fun environment. Whether the day calls for a formal or casual gathering, we keep the music in an enjoyable tone, while our set up in a "good time mode".


You will experience the service of our all smile team while they serve you in a buffet of delightful dishes and refreshing beverages.

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